Mandozzi Elettronica SA was founded 1965 and became an incorporated company in the year 1991. Right from the beginning, the Company was successful as an engineering enterprise designing and manufacturing special high-tech products in the vast fields of transmitting and processing audio signals as well as data

Today, the most important products are digital audio routers, digital audio mixers and audio over IP codecs. They are well known under the brand names IDEA for the routers, SERIX for the mixers, and UMAC for the IP codecs. These equipment are well accepted by the many Customers for their extremely high reliability, the sophisticated technical and operational features that can be easily managed by the comfortable control surfaces.The outstanding feature of Mandozzi Elettronica is still the willingness of the developing engineers to adapt the proven products to the individual operational and technical requirements of the Customers. This way, they are served with equipment that fulfils their needs in a perfect manner

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ARES is the NEW Mandozzi modular system to create custom control surface, I/O configuration and a DSP power of your digital audio network in broadcast application

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The New Mandozzi digital OnAir/Production Audio Mixing Console

  • Ergonomic, easy to learn user interface
  • Completely modular and configurable control surface
  • Immediate system overview and fast parameter access
  •  From 4 to 48 channel P&G motorized faders
  • The heart of the system is the new MANDOZZI Core engine BEA3X
  • Modular DSP structure with 48 full processed I/O signal for every DSP boards
  • Programmable user authorization system
  • Monitoring and talkback system
  • I/O sharing and control sharing with other MANDOZZI Ares System
  •  Intercom Functionality
  • Loudness Meter

  • 19″ 2 RU Engine with control system signal processing and audio interface
  • Integrated Routing System with up to 4096 >< 4096 I/O
  • Modular DSP structure. 48 channel full processing for each DSP boardChangeover functionality
  • Redundant Hot Swap PSU
  • Led Meters, headphone &- monitor out level control, USB port
  • Touch screen for setup &- monitoring functions
  • DANTE integrated AolP board
  • BEALINX integrated board with 512 audio signal bus
  • Software upgrade
  • Modular I/O configuration
  • PSU power factor correction
  • AES/EBU I/O Card: 8 In/ 8 Out
  • AES/EBU Out Card: 16 Out
  • Mic/Line Input Card: 8 In
  • Analog Input Card: 16 Line In
  • Analog Output Card: 16 Line Out
  • Dante AES67 Card: 64 I/O ch >< 2
  • MADI I/O Card: 64 I/O ch >< 4
  • DSP Card: 48 Fully Processed Channels
  • Codec Card: IP Codec Mpeg, AAC, Opus
  • GPIO Card: 12 GPI / 12 GPO
  • GPO Card: 24 GPO is exclusive representer of “MANDOZZI” in the territory of Iran


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